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      Laminating machine die cleaning method

      2019-08-15 624

      Some parts of the machine, or some parts, need to be cleaned regularly, so that it will prolong its life, and it can clean the dust regularly, so that it will not malfunction when it is operated. Is one of them, then how to clean the laminator die? Let's take a look at the small series of laminating machine manufacturers.

      1, the most traditional approach, manual cleaning, its role is appropriate, although the cost is the lowest, but the consumption of time and manpower is more.


      2. We will also use a wire brush to clean the screw and barrel. The screws in the machine are taken out first, and then they can be cleaned and cleaned in two hours. I have tried the use of detergents, but the effect is very general, there is not much practicality, we must consider the performance of its products.

      3, laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method, without the use of any chemicals and cleaning fluids, the solid waste washed is basically the right mechanical interaction. The complete ester is the finishing of the mechanical parts of the aerospace industry, and the mechanical parts processing oil ester can also use the laser cleaning method.

      4, triethylene glycol cleaning application in the polyester factory in the replacement of pipe measures, pipe cleaning water and compressed air blowing clean and complete production cleaning methods, almost all mechanical pipes can use such cleaning methods.

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