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      Working principle of laminating machine

      2019-08-15 656

      The laminating machine is mainly composed of four types of machines, namely the main machine, the mirror roll system, the discharging system and the winding system. Our company's laminating machine, the unit uses polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials, cast cast film extrusion coating process, extrusion molding and a variety of substrates such as woven fabrics, paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. Laminating or compounding, improving the strength and compactness of materials, widely used in the production of plastic tents, sunshades, geotextiles, and heavy-duty packaging materials. It is especially suitable for making single-sided wide-width color cloth strips with BOPP color film extrusion composite using woven fabric as substrate.


      The unit of the laminating machine is delivered from the substrate, the color film is delivered, and the whole process of the coiling process is selected by monotonous and group control linkage. The extruder adopts active temperature control, stepless speed regulation and long life change network, high precision bidirectional conditioning. Die head, double station transmission adopts active correction equipment, multi-station color film delivery uses magnetic powder brake, composite cold roller adopts double-layer cooling structure, duplex is not semi-active surface conflict winding or center winding, whole machine rolls The gathering is controlled by pneumatics. The unit is equipped with a set of circular woven fabric turning equipment, and the double-sided laminating of the cylindrical woven fabric (completed by one process) is a multi-way composite unit.

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