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      Laminating machine failure processing method

      2019-08-15 650

      Heating system

      (1) Slow heating: The yellow light of the temperature control table (OUT1) is on. Please check the index of the current meter above. If the index is not possible, the block is burnt out during the heating zone and there is a line fault in the heating zone.

      (2) No heating: The contactor is broken, the heating line is loose, and the temperature control table is broken.

      2. Inverter alarm

      If the input and output volume diameter is incorrect, it will constitute the inverter alarm. In the main operation screen, the alarm screen can be reset according to the fault.


      3. The buffer pendulum is unstable

      (1). The input and output volume diameter is incorrect, and the measurement diameter is input from the beginning.

      (2). The damping pendulum potentiometer is shifted. Processing: The tension setting is cleared, the pendulum rod is in a vertical position, and the gear of the pendulum potentiometer is adjusted until the main operating screen pendulum position appears 50 stops.

      4. Electrical problems

      After some electrical problems occur, please check the input power first, then check the peripheral lines, and then check the corresponding controller; the inverter, PLC and so on have various protection functions, and there will be no serious problems under normal circumstances.

      (1). Inverter fault: When a certain inverter is in fault, the whole machine will automatically slow down and stop; check the inverter manual for some faults, and handle it accordingly. Reset the faulty inverter and start from the beginning.

      (2). PLC fault: PLC itself usually has few problems. When the problem occurs, the "PROG-E" indicator on the right side of the PLC host is always on; check whether the peripheral circuit of the input/output point is short-circuited to reset the PLC operation power supply.

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