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      What are the development trends of laminating machines?

      2019-08-15 629

      Now, under the premise of continuous development of the packaging profession, you can see the opposition in the packaging machinery profession, the company can not cope with the changes of the situation, the professional development ideas and situation are not compatible; the skills innovation can be weak, the process skills are slow, The development of new products has not been fundamentally out of the situation of imitation research and tracking, and the competitiveness is not strong. The economic growth and efficiency improvement are still mainly driven by scale.

      In addition, there are still some packaging machinery enterprises to manage rough, fine management has not been completed; shopping malls know, competition know, worry is not strong, service shopping malls, service customers know and carry out the sense of urgency, responsibility is not strong, some packaging machinery enterprises People's knowledge and use are incompatible with the economic laws of the shopping mall.

      Faced with unfavorable factors, the most urgent thing is to change the way of development of various enterprises in the packaging machinery industry. Enterprises should stand at a new starting point to examine and solve the above problems and problems, change the concept of development, strengthen independent innovation, and enhance the market to know and vigorously Promote the professional development of domestic packaging machinery. It is necessary to change the current status of packaging machinery and promote the development of packaging machinery. At the same time, the occupation should pay attention to the development trend of packaging machinery.


      First, attach importance to streamlining, more automation

      New packaging machinery generally has the characteristics of multi-function, simple adjustment operation, and mechatronics is a new trend of packaging manipulators. Through this calculation, it is found that the new packaging machinery will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and new equipment and skills have been allotted. Production companies will tend to purchase packaging machinery that is easy to operate and easy to install, especially for many layoffs at the time, and the demand for simple operating systems will increase. Structural motion control is related to the performance of packaging machinery. Therefore, in order to gain a place in the future packaging market, efficient customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions.

      Second, pay attention to productivity

      Packaging machinery manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of fast, low-cost packaging equipment. The future development trend is that the equipment is smaller, more flexible, more versatile and more efficient. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs, so the packaging industry is pursuing a combination of, concise, and mobile packaging equipment. In the automation of packaging machinery, automated operating procedures have been widely used.

      Third, the support is more perfect

      Only paying attention to the production of the mainframe, regardless of the completeness of the supporting equipment, will make the functions of the packaging machinery impossible to play. Therefore, the development of supporting equipment to maximize the function of the mainframe is a crucial factor in improving the competitiveness and economy of the equipment. Mechanical manufacturing companies pay attention to the complete set of integrity when supplying users with automatic production lines or production line equipment. Whether it is high-skilled value-added or a simple equipment category, it is supplied according to the matching requirements.

      Only, analyze the good interests, master the needs of the times, overcome the disadvantages of the packaging machinery profession, master the trend of the packaging profession and seize the opportunity of the development process, in order to achieve the right medicine, the role of career development to reach high.

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