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      Daily management of laminating machine

      2019-08-15 595

      What are the daily maintenance operations of the laminating machine?

      First, day maintenance

      1. Adhere to the cleaning of the guide rollers and silicone rollers on the outside of the machine.

      2. Dry the inside of the drying oven and clean the filter and filter of the suction machine.

      3. At the end of the operation, the glue tray, the glued anilox roller, the pressed silicone roller and the back pressure roller must be cleaned and cleaned, otherwise the dosage of the glue directly affects the quality of the product.

      4. Replace the silicone roller to clean and wrap it, and store it in suspension.

      5. Check if the vacuum filling machine is working normally, and do not allow the screw and the barrel to rotate.


      Second, monthly maintenance

      1. Thoroughly organize the machine, clean each guide roller, rubber roller and silicone roller.

      2. All the rotating parts of the machine must be refueled.

      3. Check the consolidation of each mechanical drive and tighten it with loose parts.

      4. View the tension and life of each drive chain.

      5. Cool the matte roller and the composite silicone roller must be covered when it stops.

      6. Check whether all the terminals of the heating box and the electric cabinet are loose or loose.

      7. Clean the motor box.

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