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      How to extend the service life of the laminating machine

      2019-08-15 633

      How to extend the life of the laminating machine:

      1. There may be problems such as damage to electrical components or wire ends during transportation. Before use, it should be strictly checked to ensure the personal safety of the staff. It is necessary to connect the bottom line after the switch is completed. After the inspection is completed, the power can be turned on and attention is paid to whether there is leakage.

      2. When installing, pay attention to adjusting the vertical and horizontal center line of the extruder, and it must not deviate or skew from the center of the traction roller.

      3. When the winding is gradually increased, due to the diameter of the winding, the demand for the cooperative traction speed and the winding speed are required.


      4, should pay close attention to the operation of the main machine of the laminating machine, timely adjust and modify the electrical instruments, controllers, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

      5. Generally, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil of the main engine, gear box and traction reducer in about ten days to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, avoid damage and overheating of the machine. Also check to see if the joint is tight and avoid loose screws.

      6. The compressed air pipe should be kept moderate, and the leakage of compressed air should be avoided during the traction process.

      7. Organize and replace the head of the filter in time to prevent the particle mixture from damaging the screw cylinder.

      8, preheating time is not suitable for the process, to avoid material blockage.

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