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      The correct use of the laminating machine

      2019-08-15 684

      The laminating machine is an environmentally-friendly plastic machine. The effect of the paper through the laminating film is stronger than that of the traditional laminating machine, and the applicable scale is also expanding.

      The production process of the laminating machine is that the weaving and forming weaving is arranged on the laying rack, the weaving bra is placed in the order of the various transmission devices of the auxiliary machine, and the woven cloth head is firmly wound on the coiler, and will be cut. The knife is adjusted to the width to be cut, and the laminating liquid extruded by the main machine is evenly coated on the woven fabric. When warming the main unit, you should pay attention to the ammeter display to see if the heating plate is normal. When the heating device is heated to the required temperature, it should be heated for 30 minutes before driving.

      As with other machines, be sure to do the preparatory work before starting the production of the laminating machine to ensure the normal operation of the laminating machine after it is turned on. The pre-boot preparation of the laminating machine mainly has the following 11 steps:

      1. Prepare special tools for the production of copper scrapers, scissors, gloves, etc., in case of emergency.

      2. Check whether the materials and substrates required for production are in conformity with the quality requirements. The most important thing is the control of the moisture content of the material. It is not allowed to participate in metal objects, sand ratios and impurities, and use a clean lamellar substrate. Do not have oil, dust and hard objects attached to avoid affecting the composite quality and damage the silicone roller.


      3. Check whether the applied voltage is balanced, and the grounding performance of the laminating machine equipment is outstanding, and whether the connection degree of each equipment is firm, and whether the smoothness of each friction load sprocket and gear bearing is normal. Adjust the tightness of the chain and belt to ensure that the mechanical rolling is sensitive and normal operation. Finally, check whether the mechanical valve, cold press roller equipment, silicone roller equipment and other gate valves are normal, and the cooling water flow is smooth.

      4. Turn on the main power supply, check whether the electric and the heaters in each section are normal, ensure that the thermocouple is inserted in the specified orientation, and each speed regulating motor should be in a low speed condition and the correct steering of each unit.

      5. Check the air supply valve, whether the air supply pressure is normal, whether the pipes are unobstructed, the air pipe joints can not leak, and also ensure that the water in the triplet is removed.

      6. Check the extrusion equipment in the laminating machine. After adjusting the temperature of the thermometer to the correct temperature, the elbow and the “T” die line are heated, and check whether the current is normal to see if the heater is burnt out. After about 20 minutes of heating, turn on the rubber tube and heat the switch. The cooling water is opened at the beginning of the feeding port. The clean and dry material is sucked into the hopper. After heating to the set temperature, the temperature can be turned on for half an hour.

      7. Then check whether the work of the edge machine in the paper machine is normal, and test other sensitivity, then set the edge of the film, then install the laminating cloth, adjust the tightness of the belt, and prepare the cloth. .

      8. Check whether the cooling water in the laminating pressure turbine is water-passing, and make proper conditioning. Adjust the air pressure to 4kg/cm2~26kg/cm2 silicone roller and apply silicone oil and adjust the orientation of the edge cutter to test the cutting condition.

      9. Adjust the air pressure in the external coiler to 4kg/cm2~6kg/cm2, check whether the cutter blade is installed, and prepare the preparation tube and tape paper.

      10. First place the substrate on the top unwinding rack. When the two-layer substrate is required to produce a sandwich product (such as kraft paper, aluminum foil, cellophane, OPP film, etc.), the substrate is then placed on the second unwinding. On the shelf. According to the flow path of the substrate of the flow chart, the substrate is pulled through the rolls to the take-up preparation core. When the three-in-one product is produced, the second substrate is adhered to the top substrate with tape paper and passed through the composite cold press roll.

      11. After the above is ready, start the photoelectric correction system, adjust the orientation of the photoelectric head, and then confirm the boot.

      In summary, before the production of the open laminating machine, we should do 11 preparatory steps before starting to ensure the normal operation and service life of the laminating machine.

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