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      What should you pay attention to when operating the laminating machine safely?

      2019-08-15 592

      Laminating machine safety operation precautions

      1. Set the temperature of the main cylinder and T-die to the standard scale according to the process requirements.

      2. Check for foreign objects in the hopper, especially metal and screws, to prevent damage to the screw and barrel when entering the inside of the extruder.

      3. Check if the cooling water supply system is normal.


      4. Check whether the extruder moving motor, the laminating drive motor and the take-up motor are normal. Check if the ammeter response is normal.

      5. Before starting the machine, the substrate to be coated is placed on the discharge rack, and the head of the substrate is pulled out to pass through the rollers of the entire production line.

      6. When the heating temperature of the equipment reaches the set value, it is necessary to warm the air for more than half an hour before starting the main motor and initially work slowly. After the plastic film is discharged from the die, the die is scraped off with a copper piece, then the inside of the die is pierced with a stopper, and scraped back and forth from head to tail, scraping off the cokes on both walls. Clean up the inside, then speed up the extruder, and query the diaphragm under the flow. If the film is even without thick stripes, the film can be preliminarily coated.

      7. At the initial lamination, the chill roll is rotated at the slowest speed to slowly wind up the substrate, at the same time, allowing the extruder to slowly extrude the diaphragm and move it to the laminating orientation.

      8. When the diaphragm from the die is in contact with the substrate and passes through the cooling roller, the extruder speed can be advanced to increase the discharge amount, and then the speed of the cooling roller is also advanced accordingly.

      9. Change the thickness of the film: Enter the PLC touch screen composite operation page and enter the desired thickness. The thickness of the coating should be 0.03±0.005mm. 10. The flashing of the film is cut according to the standard, and the film and the substrate should be strong.

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