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      Working method of laminating machine

      2019-08-15 590

      Laminating machine, also known as laminating machine, is a mechanical equipment that is often used in industrial occupations. It has many advantages, not only high degree of automation, but also easy operation, high production speed and uniformity. The coating, and the use of the laminating machine does not have any pollution to the environment, which is also in line with the current social maintenance of the environment, so today, how does the laminating machine work?


      Extrusion casting: plastic particles are plasticized by screw and extruded from the die of the flat die. After stretching, they are attached to the surface of flexible substrates such as paper, film, non-woven fabric and woven fabric. A composite material that combines the barrier properties and heat sealability of a plastic film layer, the toughness and functional properties of a substrate. The structure consists of the feeding equipment, the extruder main machine, the mold, the unwinding organization, the composite structure, the winding organization, the edge position control equipment, the trimming equipment, the heating and cooling system, and the electrical measurement and control system. According to different product requirements, the second unwinding organization, printing equipment, oven, substrate surface treatment equipment (corona machine, etc.), online thickness gauge and other components can be added. Front process equipment: granulator, printing press or other equipment. After-process equipment: slitting machine or other equipment.

      The application of the laminating machine not only does not have any pollution to the environment, but together with its automated procedures and the old manual operation, the labor cost is reduced, and any mechanical equipment always has a vacuum period. The laminating machine is also the same. In the long-term use, various types of problems will be presented in the future. We need to better differentiate, maintain and maintain the problem with the laminating machine. Better ensure that the laminating machine can be used for a long time.

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