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      What are the main structures of the laminating machine?

      2019-08-15 686

      With the continuous expansion and rapid development of mechanized production, the use and spread of machines have brought a lot of convenience to the hot days, especially in some industrial equipment, because the traditional hand-made is now no substitute. The production of the machine, especially the machine can improve the working hours and save a lot of time, reducing the intensity and burden of manual labor, therefore, the use of machinery and equipment can be said to be the needs of the age, the application of the laminating machine is not only in the food profession, It is widely used in other occupations of beverages, medicines, occupations, and engineering construction. The laminating machine can also be called an extrusion casting machine, and it has been in recent years. The continuous application and development in China is gradually replacing the dry composite and hot melt adhesive coating machine. Its primary structure is


      1. The laminating machine is mainly composed of feeding equipment, main machine of extruder, mold, unwinding mechanism and compound mechanism, as well as heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system, etc.

      2. The laminating machine can also increase the second unwinding mechanism such as printing equipment, oven, and substrate processing equipment according to the type of the product.

      3. The front process equipment of the slotting machine is mainly a granulator, a printing machine or other equipment, and then the process equipment is a slitter and other equipment.

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